State of Our Children

Since 2011, The Children’s Movement (TCM) has been regularly bringing together a more than 500 cross-sector community stakeholders. Representatives from early childcare, health, education, post-secondary education, housing, non-profit, civic, business and others. Working alongside local institutions, TCM elevates accurate and reliable information regarding local children's policy in an effort to spark community engagement. Our goal is to educate, connect and support local bodies to improve outcomes for children in Fresno County.


2017 - Less Chutes, More Ladders: Accelerating Opportunities for our Most Vulnerable Children


Keynote speaker: Arnold Chandler, Principal, Forward Change
2017 Breakfast Program (20 pages) 

2017 Spelling Bee Video (featuring Ananya Vinay, Danay Ferbuson and Brooklynblair Shapiro)




  2016 - Begin at the Beginning


Keynote speaker: Dr. Larry Rand, Director of Perinatal Services, UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, Director and Principal Investigator of the California Preterm Birth Initiative, and Lynne and Marc Benioff Endowed Chair in Maternal and Fetal Medicine

2016 Program (16 pages)

2016 Stand by You Video




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