Fresno County Childcare Subsidy Pilot (AB 258)


The Fresno County Childcare Subsidy Pilot (or AB 258) would authorize Fresno County to develop and implement an individualized county child care subsidy plan. Like similar pilot projects before, AB 258 would give Fresno County limited local flexibility to maximize allocated funding and efficiently use child care subsidy funds in order to meet local conditions.

Without taking funds from other counties, or increasing state costs, the Pilot will permit waivers of specific state rules:

1) family eligibility criteria,
2) family fees,
3) reimbursement rates, 
4) and methods of maximizing the efficient use of subsidy funds.

The bill has passed the Assembly, and is close to passing the Senate. The next step thereafter is the Governor’s desk. Contact Dr. Matilda Soria of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools for more information (ph: 559-497-3831, or email: 

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