about-1.jpgOur Vision

Fresno County is a community where children are the highest priority.

Our Mission

The Children's Movement of Fresno's mission is to inform and support individuals and business, community and government leaders in Fresno County to make the well-being and education of children a priority in every decision.

Our Guiding Principles

The Children’s Movement of Fresno believes that the well-being and education of our children in Fresno County must be the highest priority of government, business, non-profit institutions and families. The economic future of our county and the stability of the communities we live in depend on achieving this goal.

State of Our Children

2017 marked the sixth annual State of Our Children breakfast. The TCM State of Our Children is a presentation of key outcome indicators and performance growth over the previous year.  This breakfast draws 500 attendees each year and serves as the major fundraiser for TCM programs. Learn more>>

Action Forums

A place to learn, connect, and meet as cross-sector teams, Action Forums are held about every six weeks inform stakeholders. The TCM Action Forum is a regular network gathering where members come together to learn and share about current best-in-field practices proven to improve outcomes for children. Local and statewide experts share research and practices proven to improve outcomes for children and serves as a catalyst to bring attention to practices that can be advocated for and implemented by local decision-makers. Learn more>>


In 2011, leadership from First 5 Fresno County attended a conference where they were introduced to The Children's Movement of Florida. Inspired and excited, they seized the opportunity to begin a grassroots movement in Fresno County to rally locals around the cause of making our children a priority in all policy making.

By 2012, the Children's Movement of Fresno had nearly 5,000 members, and dozens of local organizations, businesses endorsing and supporting our cause. The first annual State of Our Children breakfast was held, with nearly 300 attendees, updating the local community on the progress of the work for our local kids. David Lawrence, President of The Children's Movement of Florida, was the keynote speaker.

Over the next year, it became clear that there was a deep desire from local organizations to find a way to collaborate and share resources. TCM Fresno held the first Children's Summit of Fresno County with the goal of helping to facilitate collective focus and aligned action for these organizations, businesses and individuals, all of whom work for the welfare of children in our county.

Building on the momentum of the Summit, nearly 100 readytowork participants agreed to meet periodically with the primary goal of connecting and focusing a diverse group of stakeholders around the central issue of GradeLevel Reading. Action Forums began in early 2014, and have been meeting every six weeks since.

TCM Fresno continues to work as facilitator and backbone to the local work of improving the grade-level reading percentages of Fresno County. Coordinating events, connecting and focusing organizations, and training on the Stanford d.school's Design Cycle to inspire innovative solutions, TCM Fresno will continue to support the important work happening in Fresno County.

Children's Summit

The summit in 2013 included three presentations on three main areas of the Children Agenda, each with a key indicator to address collectively:  1) Infant Mortality; 2) Third Grade Reading Levels; and 3) High School Graduation Rates. Each group presented their rationale and the 338 attendees selected in a close vote to focus first on third grade reading levels. From that collective decision the Action Forums were established to address action in alignment across sectors. The 2014 Children’s Summit presented progress of the workgroups in November, with Ralph Smith, Annie E. Casey Foundation Senior Vice President and Managing Director of The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, presenting a Pacesetter award for 2014.