Action Forums

TCM convenes six Action Forums each year. These gatherings are designed to provide actionable information, current data, best practices and valuable networking opportunities to a diverse cross-sector audience. The goal is to inform and inspire community stakeholders toward greater impact through collective action and resource alignment.

Vertically integrating shared knowledge (from middle managers to institutional leaders) so together, we can continue making our kids the priority in every decision.

  • Action Forum October 2019

    Moving Equity to the Center

    As many of you know through participating in the process, the Central Valley Community Foundation launched and is leading DRIVE – Developing the Region’s Inclusive and Vibrant Economy. People from multiple sectors across Fresno have been working together for the last several months to create investable business plans in three areas – Neighborhood Development, Human Capital, and Economic Development. A major focus of DRIVE is creating racial and ethnic equity in every part of our community. On October 4th, DRIVE committee members who have been working on the inclusion effort will share their progress at the TCM Action Forum. During this conversation, the group will clearly delineate the difference between diversity and inclusion, examine community data and find specific ways for TCM members to plug into this exciting opportunity. This is such important work and we hope to see you there!

  • Action Forum December 2019

    Further details coming soon...