In Fresno we grow a lot of things...
nothing more important than our children.



Join our growing army of citizens throughout the county who believe children should be our top priority!


Until now, the broad support for children in our society has been too fragmented to have the impact it should on Fresno's priorities. The Children's Movement is changing that by organizing all of the goodwill that exists for children. Simply by connecting the many diverse organizations and people who are committed to children, we are increasing the power and impact of children's advocacy exponentially.

Being a member means that you are declaring that you and/or your organization support prioritizing children's well-being and education in public policymaking, nothing more.

When you join you will be kept informed on relevant issues related to children and on local and statewide decisions that need our voice. Visit our Facebook page to see all that we are doing! There will be opportunities to volunteer, send letters to policymakers and speak at public events if you are interested. More than anything, you are helping us grow the size of the army. There is power in numbers. Together we can "make small voices BIG" and create a different future for our children.

Linda Gleason
Managing Director


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