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There are many individuals and organizations in Fresno County who focus their work on the children of our community. A primary goal of The Children’s Movement is to connect and focus these diverse stakeholders, facilitating a collective approach to improve grade-level reading percentages in Fresno County.

More than 500 community leaders and members attend the State of Our Children breakfast each year, and more than 95 organizations representing 10 unique sectors participate in the Action Forums, where the cross-sector relationships inform, develop, test, and refine strategies for eventual scaling up in the community.



Current Strategic Focus: Grade Level Reading

The Children’s Movement’s core focus emerged from the 2013 Children’s Summit when 420 people from across sectors in Fresno County convened and determined together to begin alignment around Grade Level Reading.  Since then, Action Forum workgroups have formed under the three pillars of the national Grade Level Reading Campaign:  Attendance, School Readiness, and Summer Learning.  There are presently six active workgroups:  Attendance; Summer Learning; School Readiness – Vision/Dental/Health; School Readiness – KSEP, School Readiness – Developmental Screenings; School Readiness – Talk Read Sing.

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