Past Action Forums

The TCM Action Forums have become a central source for convening and informing local stakeholders. The topics and speakers have been carefully selected and are helping to bring focus to key issues facing our children and families. Here is a summary of past Action Forum dates, topics, presentations and presenters. Contact with any questions or suggestions.

2017 - 2018 Action Forums

Action Forum Date Title and Topic Presenter


Joint TCM Action Forum & C2C Partnership Meeting

 Fresno County Landscape

 Findings from Phase III – Community Engagement (Preconception to Age 5 Blueprint for Funding and Advocacy)

Facilitated by Linda Gleason and Brooke Frost


Joint TCM Action Forum & C2C Partnership Meeting

 Fresno Community Agenda

 Fresno C2C Annual Report

Facilitated by Linda Gleason and Carol Christenson


"Calling all TCM members: We need your expertise and input! Join us for an interactive presentation and discussion on Preconception - 5 Blueprint Planning and Advocacy DATA WALK" 

 HEALTH Data Snapshot



Facilitated by: First 5 Fresno County, Harder + Company 


“Suicide Prevention Collaborative and other topics related to behavioral and mental health" - PPT

Dawan Utecht, Director of Behavioral Health and Public Guardian, Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health

4/13/18 Can We Really Talk? Cultivating a “Psychological Safe Place” to Have an Interracial Conversation About Race and Racism.PPT Edwin Javius, EDEquity Inc.


 How Can We Use Real Time Data to Better Develop Prevention Strategies? Leveraging the Fresno PD Chaplaincy to Help Children in Need. - PPT

Rodney Lowery, Fresno Police Chaplaincy


How Children who have had Everything Taken Away are Getting a Second Chance at a New Life: The Courts Response to Human Trafficking in Fresno County. - PPT

Hon. Kimberly Nystrom-Geist


 Reducing Preterm Birth: How Can We Influence Change for a Healthier Community? - PPT

Sandra Flores, Preterm Birth Initiative Fresno


Choosing Our Future: How can we Transform our School System to Truly Prepare Students for a Life of Well-Being?  Video

Diego Arambula, GO Public Schools Fresno


Heads Up: How do Sports and Recreation Related Concussions Affect a Child’s Developing Brain?  Video - PPT

Brenna Hughes, Community Medical Center

4/28/17 Examining Our Pipeline: How are Current Education, Justice, and Economic Systems Supporting our Most Vulnerable Children? 
Tia Martinez, Forward Change
3/3/17 Restorative Justice in Fresno County: What are the Economic and Public Safety Impacts?  Video - PPT Mary Louise Frampton
1/27/17 Using Kindergarten Readiness to Inform What is Happening During a Child’s Earliest Years. VideoPPT Kendra Rogers, Children Now


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