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The bills listed below have each been placed on the Policy Watch as top 2018 priorities by organizations who are part of our TCM community. If your organization has top priority bills you are currently actively working on that you would like to have added please let us know at editor@tcmfresno.org.


Informational Presentation on the Immigration Public Charge Rule
Resources, information and instructions for public comment (from November 2, 2018 presentation) View here


AB11 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: Screening Services

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Action Alert: 
September 21, 2018 "Vetoed by Governor"

AB992  CalWORKs: Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program
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Action Alert:
This bill was incorporated into the budget. Funded at approximately 25 million.

AB1639 Victim Compensation Fund Expansion 
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Action Alert: 
August 20, 2018 "Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 161, Statutes of 2018."
August 20, 2018 "Approved by the Governor."

AB2002 Revised Curriculum Framework: History-Social Science: History of the Hmong and Their Contributions to the “Secret War” in Laos
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Action Alert:
January 31, 2018 "Died pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. 10(c) of the Constitution"

AB2043 Foster Youth: Response System
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Action Alert:
September 6, 2018 "Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 3 p.m."

AB2138 & AB2293 Occupational Licensing Reform  
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Action Alert:  AB2138
September 30, 2018 "signed by Governor and Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 995, Statutes of 2018"

Action Alert: AB2293
September 11, 2018 "Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 342, Statutes of 2018."

AB2297 Hunger Impact Act of 2018
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AB2625 Human Trafficking
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AB2686  Early Identification of Pupil Mental Health Issues: In-service Training for Certificated Employees and Classified Staff
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Action Alert:
May, 25, 2018 "In committee: Held under submission."

AB2691 Pupil Health: Pupil and School Staff Trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative
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Action Alert: 
September 20, 2018 "Vetoed by Governor"

AB 2784, Emergency Student Housing Loan Program
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Action Alert:
May 25, 2018 “In committee: Held under submission.”

AB2808 Making Sure Prop 98 Funds are Properly Channeled; Local Control Funding Formula; Funding Increase
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Action Alert: 
August 31, 2018 "Ordered to inactive file at the request of Assembly Member Muratsuchi."

SB607 Pupil Discipline: Suspensions and Expulsions: Willful Defiance
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Action Alert:
September 30, 2018 "vetoed by Governor"

SB623 Water Quality: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund
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Action Alert:
February 1, 2018 "Returned to Secretary of Senate pursuant to Joint Rule 56."


NEW S.3363 The Maternal Care Access and Reducing Emergencies (CARE)
Act (S.3363) looks to create two new grant programs - one for implicit bias training and another for pregnancy medical home (PMH) programs which will help deliver health care services to pregnant women and new moms. 

Action Alert: August 22, 2018 Referred to Committee on Finance
NEW S.3392 The Modernizing Obstetric Medicine Standards (MOMS)
Act (S. 3392) would provide new funding to hospitals with obstetrics and gynecology practices that want to improve their response to pregnancy-related and pregnancy-associated complications by implementing standardized best practices that could save lives.”  

Action Alert: August 28, 2018 Referred to Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

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