School Readiness Workgroup



Purpose Statement

The School Readiness Workgroup is committed to analyzing and using data and leveraging existing resources so that children 35 are prepared to successfully enter school.

Problem Statement

National research indicates that school readiness has effects beyond the first few months of kindergarten; children with higher levels of school readiness at age five are generally more successful in grade school1. However, in Fresno County only 38.3% (## insert number) of children are entering kindergarten “ready to go”, as measured by the SY 201415 Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile.2 The 2013 federal poverty level for children living in Fresno County is 42.8%3, while 73.1% of students are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch.4

In addition, based on 3 years of data, it appears as if the kindergarten readiness trend is not changing substantially. Males at 33% ready to go appear to be in greater need than females at 43% ready to go in 2014. Ethnicity appears to matter with 29% of Blacks, 34% Hispanics, 38% Asian, and 46% whites ready for kindergarten.5 There is little to no improvement when comparing to 2013. Furthermore, those who did not attend preschool, whose primary home language is other than English, and those who have attended preschool for a shorter length of time also appear to be less ready for kindergarten, according to 2014 KSEP data.

Workgroup Documents

School Readiness Workgroup Charter

School Readiness Workgroup Meeting Notes 10/14/2015

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