• Focus on Grade-Level Reading

  • Talking is Teaching - Talk, Read, Sing

TCM's purpose is to facilitate and advocate for and with the community so that it has the capacity, will, resources and follow through to realize positive outcomes for all children.

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Fresno as Pacesetter; Recognized for Second Year in a Row

The national Campaign for Grade Level Reading named Fresno County as a Pacesetter for 2014.  It is the second year in a row that this community has been honored with this recognition. Continue reading

The Children’s Movement: Evolution to Collective Impact

This year TCM has continued to improve our ability to work collectively to identify solutions that improve our outcomes for our children.  Continue reading

2015 State of Our Children Breakfast

This year The Children’s Movement “State of Our Children” breakfast welcomed Fresno State University President Joseph Castro as our keynote speaker. Continue reading

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